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Xander Uitgevers

Xander Uitgevers offers books for everyone and shows readers, writers and booksellers that the modern reader’s taste is varied and exciting.

Fiction and non-fiction for the eclectic reader

Xander offers a remarkably versatile range of books aimed at everyone who loves to read. Whether it is a bloodcurdling thriller, a breathtaking novel or a popular and surprising non-fiction book, a Xander-book has its own unique value and character. We reflect the Dutch and Flemish modern reader’s taste with clear choices, the best authors, a varied offer of accessible books and inviting pricing.

Xander Uitgevers will continuously dedicate itself with craftsmanship and devotion to each book it publishes in order to achieve the highest possible results: superior discoveries, superior buying experiences, and superior reading experiences.

Contact Xander Uitgevers

Xander Uitgevers
Nieuwe Gracht 15
2011 NB Haarlem
The Netherlands
tel +31 (0)20 3033950

Sander Knol, Director | Publisher

Lotte Dijkstra, Editor

Anke Roelen, Marketing | PR